Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu 

 Dutch School for  Classical Shiatsu    

  Institute for Oriental Therapy studies 

Diagnosis seminars
aim to teach students how to obtain diagnostics using conversational techniques, anamnesis, and treatment. During the seminar an unknown client is the subject of study and diagnosis. Students are trained to develop and use the '4 shins'. The information gathered using the 4 shins is integrated within the theoretical framework of the meridians and their functions, the eight principles and the five transformations. This enables obtaining a complete picture of the clinical situation of the client.

The seminar is set up in such a way that the student learns to deal with a real consultation in a guided manner. This leads to valuable experiences and insights. The seminars are led by the teacher and director of the school, Alan Nash. Students of different levels participate in these seminars. Post graduate students can also participate. Putting different levels of knowledge together helps students to learn and study together.  

Every year, we organise a number of Thursday evening Oriental diagnosis seminars with real patients brought by therapists and students. For people who live at an inconvenient distance from the school we also have two full weekend Oriental diagnosis seminars per year where four patients take part. Students and therapists can decide which construction suits their schedules but we advise students from our school to attend these seminars in their first year. They will provide hands on experience and all aspects of diagnosis will be applied practically. The experience gained is invaluable and deep.

Programme of a diagnosis weekend (Saturday through Sunday)
Class times are from 10:00 until 17:00
(best to arrive at 9:45) 
Classes begin with Do-In (approx.45 minutes)                              
One diagnostic session in the morning, and one in the afternoon 
Lunchbreak for one hour, from approximately 13:00 until 14:00                                            
Tea and coffee are provided by the school
Please make sure to bring your own lunch (lunch can also be bought in the vicinity of the school)

Programme of a diagnosis evening

Class times are from 19:30 until 22:30 
(best to arrive at 19:15)
Classes begin with Do-In (for 45 minutes)
One diagnostic session    

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