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 Dutch School for  Classical Shiatsu    

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Japanese Medical Cooking

Seminar Macrobiotic Cooking with Anushka Hofman and her team Bini, Anushka and Danielle


Nutrition is an important aspect of the holistic approach taken in Shiatsu therapy. It is considered a vital ingredient to improving and maintaining a healthy and natural balance. 

The seminar Macrobiotic cooking is given once a year by Anushka Hofman, Bini Sharman and DaniĆ«lle Walkenbach. Kyoko has dedicated her life to studying and teaching the principles of medicinal cooking according to the yin-yang principles and the five transformations. In the seminar, Anushka, Bini and DaniĆ«lle will give a lecture on the theory behind macrobiotic cooking according to these principles, while demonstrating the cooking at the same time. The demonstration enables them to teach about proper ways of food preparation. Common ailments and remedies are also addressed during the lecture. The meal they are cooking is enjoyed together at the end of the seminar. 

Programme of the seminar


Class times are from 10:00 until 17:00 (please arrive at 9:45) 

Lunchbreak for one hour, from approximately 13:00 until 14:00

Teaching of the cooking and the medicinal principles is performed while demonstrating preparation and cooking of various dishes. 

A taste of the cooked dishes is given at the end of the seminar. During the day (special) tea and coffee are provided by the school.

Please make sure to bring your own lunch (lunch can also be bought in the vicinity of the school).

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