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Meridian seminar

The meridians seminar will deepen your knowledge of the Meridian system and theory. The seminar complements knowledge obtained during the weekends of the diploma course. It is not suitable for students of level 1, because both practical and theoretical knowledge of the meridians is required. This seminar will also be of value to (postgraduate) students from outside the school.

The meridian system includes coupling points for all 20 meridians (both the 12 principal meridians and the 8 extra (curious) meridians. The approach is different for the 8 curious vessels.

Connection points (raki) (Luo), lower uniting points and and when to use them. Approach for organs connected to 8 extra meridians (Uterus, brain and blood - among other processes). Five element connection points with explanation and practice.

Expanded course book in English and Dutch to take home with you for reference. You will be working with different partners for 2 days to acquire comparative knowledge. Ideal as mandatory extra seminar for you Professional association requirements and, in the Netherlands, ECT points for your HBO qualification.

The seminar is accredited by the KTNO accreditation institute (Dutch) and Professional associations Zhong, BATC, LVNG, VBAG,, NVST., CAT, VIV, SVN (Shiatsu professional association Netherlands) and is part of the HBO accredited diploma course with the Dutch school for Classical Shiatsu. Members of these associations receive a 10% discount from us. To see complete course program and course fees go here.

Digital enrolment - here  or telephone 0031 70 383 1500 Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday fro 10 am to 5 pm.

Programme of meridian weekend                         

Class times are from 10:00 until 17:00 

(please arrive at 9:45) 

Class begins with Do-In (for 45 minutes)

Practical and theory of meridian systems and linking systems the rest of the day

Lunch break for one hour, from approximately 13:00 until 14:00. Tea and coffee are provided by the school.   

Please make sure to bring your own lunch (lunch can also be bought in the vicinity of the school).

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