Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu 

 Dutch School for  Classical Shiatsu    

  Institute for Oriental Therapy studies 

Come and join us for a free introduction lesson at our school on the first Wednesday of our Basic  Shiatsu and DO-IN course, 28th August at 8pm.

A little scientific evidence goes a long way. Meridians are now a fact in the scientific western world and here is the proof  so click on proof and find out.

Welcome to the new English language site. We hope you like it. It's easier to read, easier to navigate and up to date. We will be adding more pictures and video clips as we come up to our Open Day so please stay with us. There's a lot happening and it's all good.
Be welcome at 11 am for a day filled with warmth, learning and hands -on experience with Professional Japanese classical Shiatsu and Do-In on Sunday August 25th 2019. See OPEN DAY

NSKS Shiatsu accredited diploma course begins Saturday October 12 2019 with loyalty discounts

Join us at the NSKS Shiatsu training!

Learn how to listen to your body and that of others.

During the Shiatsu training of the NSKS you will learn to work with your own body and that of others. During six weekends spread throughout the year you will be submerged in the healing art of Shiatsu. During these weekends you will learn to tune into your own body, experience with your fellow students how various treatments work, and experiment with postures and touch.

Register now and start on Saturday the 12th of October 2019.

Bring a friend, earn €100,-

In order to spread the art of Shiatsu the NSKS offers a €100,- cashback* to any student that brings a friend to the training**.
Spread the word - spread the healing.

*Cashback is paid after full payment for the training is received from the new student.

** This offer only goes for the full year training (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th)

Register now and start on the12th of October 2019 .

Slowing down by wisening up

Slow down by joining the NSKS Shiatsu training. For six weekends you learn how to slow down by getting in touch with the body. Together with likeminded people you learn more about your own body, healing, energy distribution, and balance.
The days start with Do-In that heals your own body, after which Shiatsu will take you to a whole new understanding of your own place in the world.

Register now and start on the12th of October 2019 . 

A new profession as a Shiatsu therapist

Looking for a new challenge? Learn the healing art of Shiatsu. A Shiatsu therapists has the ability to assist the people finding their way at a deep level. It is a most rewarding profession.

Join the Shiatsu training and start on the12th of October 2019  !

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