Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu 

 Dutch School for  Classical Shiatsu    

  Institute for Oriental Therapy studies 

Residential 1 week seminar in Lunteren

The transformational seminar is a special seven-day seminar organised once every one or two years in the summer. It takes place on a country estate at Lunteren, the Netherlands. With a maximum of twenty participants intensive training is provided in Shiatsu techniques, knowledge and diagnosis, Do-In and meditation. Special attention is given to the sixty classic element points and their connections. In addition, a number of specialised techniques are taught such as "koppo" (klop techniek) en "sotai" (manipulation techniques). The programme is complemented with exercises outside in the woods and vicinity, and special training in sensitivity, awareness, intuition and observation.

During this week there is little contact with the outside world. The silence and continuity, without distractions, enable more concentration and deepening of the experience and feeling of working with Ki. Get PDF in English.  Get PDF in het Nederlands

Welcome to one of the most advanced awareness expanding retreats.

The special additional Toltec exercises and challenges make this seminar a must for acupuncturists, bodyworkers, shiatsu therapists and people who work with Ki (vital energy) with knowledge of the 12 principal meridians.

The seminar is part of the required schooling for diploma students from this school and is run by Alan Nash and Anushka Hofman for over 20 years.

The seminar is useful for study points and is accredited by the K.T.N.O and is recommended and accredited by the Zhong TCM, Shiatsu Vereniging Nederland, Collectief alternatieve therapeuten, N.V.S.T., V.B.A.G., L.V.N.G. and B.A.T.C. Members of these professional organisations receive a 10% discount when registering for this seminar.

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