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Alan Nash was born in London on May 14th, 1946. After grammar school he studied Psychology at the Marylebone Institute, London. Financial limitations forced him to work and he chose the world of physics, chemistry and information technology. However, this did not nourish his soul. At the age of 24 he joined a large group of young people with an Indian master. An intensive training period followed, in which he studied meditation, Aikido, manual therapy, Yoga, Foot reflexology, acupuncture, Moxibustion and homeopathy.

In 1979 he came to the Netherlands as a computer expert, while continuing his studies into "healing". He studied Karate (Shotokan-style) with Hans Haarthoorn in Utrecht. In 1981/1982 he studied Biometabolism at the European Laboratory for Nutrition and Nutrients with Professor Drs. E.F. Vogelaar, director of the European Nutriënten Laboratorium (ELN) in Utrecht. In 1981 he studied Shiatsu with Yoshinori Miyashita in Amsterdam. That year he also obtained his medical diploma of the N.V.G.N. in Amsterdam. In 1983 he began his practice of Footreflexology, “Healing” and Shiatsu in Lisse, in the Netherlands. He demonstrated and taught Shiatsu to those interested. 

Later he met Sensei Yuichi Kawada and Kazunori Sasaki in Groningen and studied traditional Oriental medicine and diagnostics in three different countries. In 1988 he obtained the Japanese diploma cum laude. That year he founded the Ducth school for classical Shiatsu: the Nederlandse School voor Klassieke Shiatsu. In the years that followed, Alan has expanded his experience and knowledge by helping and treating patients that cannot be helped within Western medicine. At the school he teaches level 3 of the vocational education, several key seminars, and basic courses.

In 2007 he represented the Netherlands at the International Shiatsu Congress in Kiental, Switzerland. As one of the 24 most experienced therapists he gave lectures and demonstrations. In 2009 he represented the Netherlands at the International Shiatsu Congress in Le Canet, France. This time he was one of five Shiatsu therapists to give lectures and demonstrations.

His LinkedIn profile can be viewed following this link: Alan Nash

Anushka started studying Shiatsu at the NSKS in 1992. She graduated in 1996 and has been practicing Shiatsu since 1993. In 1995 she began teaching Do-In at the NSKS, and from 1996 onward she has been a teacher of Shiatsu and Do-In for students of the vocational education and basic courses. She has also been teaching outside of the school, for instance to personel of KPN, or to students of the Dutch society of Sport masseurs (N.G.S.).

Anushka has received postgraduate education repeatedly. In 1997 she attended Oriental diagnosis classes of Ohashi Sensei and others. In 1998 she was taught calligraphy by Yunko Yamanouchi and in 1999 Medicinal cooking with Kyoko Onishi. She has been organising this course for the NSKS annually ever since. In may 2003 she helped develop a Dutch version, together with Alan Nash, of the book on Do-In, called Meridian exercises, by Shizutu Masunaga. She also helped develop the book of the NSKS on Do-In for young and old, written by Jolanda Smolders. On April 18th, 2004 she was interviewed by Myrna Goossen for the  Dutch RTL4 programm “Aperitivo” on the meaning and importance of Do-In.

Since 2004 Anushka has been specialising into female problems and therapeutic applications of Do In specifically for women. She has been teaching weekly Do-In lessons for women. In addition, for women who cannot attend these weekly sessions, she organizes seminars throughout the year, both in and outside of the N.S.K.S.

In 2006 she spent three months teaching Shiatsu to twelve masseurs of the “Elysium, Centre for Well-being”. 

Since 2006 Anushka organizes and facilitates the training for advanced students (of Shiatsu and Do-In) to become qualified as teachers of Do-In.
The Dutch School for Do-In issues licenses for Do-In teachers, and organises the Do-In teacher day for license renewal. Anushka also teaches key seminars of the vocational education, such as the Moxa seminar and organises the Japanese medical cooking seminar

Manon started as an assistant-teacher for Level 2 at the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu in 2013. Since 2015 she is teaching Level 2. 

Manon began studying Shiatsu in 2004 at the Qing Bai/Shu Ha Ri academy. She graduated in 2007. After that she opened her practice Elements Shiatsu therapy in Nieuwegein (Utrecht). 

At the Zhong weekend in 2012 she met Alan Nash. His workshops Do In and Shiatsu moved her and she decided to learn more from him. She then attended the school's Lunteren seminar. 

During her study at Qing Bai she learned about Do-In. This has always been of great interest for her. When she heard of the Do-In teacher training given by Anushka Hofman, she signed up for it. She graduated in 2013. She now gives weekly classes in Do-In..

In addition she has attended various postgraduate specialisations, such as Shiatsu with children, Shiatsu for depression and chronic fatigue, Dorn therapy, pulse diagnostics and healing tao.

Sebastiaan van Leeuwen teaches the second year of the accredited professional shiatsu
diploma course. He is a certified Shiatsu therapist and Do-In teacher 
trained and qualified at an advanced level at the Dutch school for classical shiatsu. In addition to teaching at the NSKS he has his own Shiatsu practice.
Sensei Kawada is a distinguished teacher of Oriental medicinal knowledge and its history. He is one of the most experienced Japanese teachers in Europe. His additional interests include the I-Ching and 9-star-ki, which he correlates with Shiatsu.

Through his practical experience, he discovered the connection between the twelve main meridians and the eight Curious Vessels. Based on this, he developed eight Do-In exercises for stretching the Curious Vessels. His experiments with these meridians are remarkably effective.

Yuichi Kawada is founder and director of Yoseido Shiatsu, the three-year vocational education in Shiatsu Therapy in Belgium. In 2002 his book was published, “Essential Shiatsu”, which treats the eight Curious vessels. In June 2008 the book was published in German, French and Russian. Since 1998 Yuichi Kawada has been teaching level 4 at the NSKS.

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